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          DanBaoli yeast
      Guangdong DanBaoli Yeast Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province, formerly known as Dongguan sugar factory yeast division, Dongguan DanBaoli yeast factory was founded in 1984. Which is the China's first large-scale bio-engineering company engaging in high active dry yeast production, it is also one of the largest yeast companies with most abundant technical, production and sales supports.

      The company has introduced a full set of advanced technology and production lines from Europe, and it adopts fully closed computer-controlled production process, specializing in the production of yeast, bread improvers and other products. "DanBaoli" brand of high active dry yeast is the first new product in China, which has filled the blank of such products, and the quality of the products has reached world-advanced level. The products are popular throughout the country and were exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the CIS and other countries and regions. The company’s products include flour yeast, wine yeast, home yeast, yeast for export and cultivation yeast.

      We have also passed ISO9002 quality system certification, the German DQS quality and environmental protection system certification and HACCP certification system certification, and we also be in strict accordance with the dual system, strengthen management, and standardize the operation, so as to ensure providing the best quality products for our customers.。
                The surface uses the yeast        The liquor uses the yeast
      The surface uses steamed
      bun Wang Jiaomu
      The surface uses the Dan valuable advantage low sugar yeast Often warms up wine the yeast Thermostable liquor yeast
                Home use yeast        Exports the yeast
      Valuable advantage sign
      high-activity dry yeast
      Dan valuable advantage
      sign high-activity dry yeast
      Export high sugar yeast Exports the sonia yeast
                Cultivation yeast        
      Dan valuable favorable fodder yeast
                                       Dan valuable advantage sign high-activity dry yeast
      The more Dan valuable advantage yeast product's material, may see also the Dan valuable advantage yeast Limited company website: www.dblyeast.com.cn Or sends a telegram: (0769)226123909
      Headquarters Address: Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Zhang Wan Road, Dongcheng District 8
      Tel:(0769) 22611888 Fax:(0769) 22612888 Postcode:523120
      Technical support:Dongguan Network
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