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      The Group’s paper products include high culture paper, corrugated paper, flat-cut toilet paper, toilet paper roll, bleach board bagasse paper, corrugated paper and so on. "Honghe" brand toilet paper has won the "Guangxi well-known trademark" title, the product adopts 100% fine pulp from bagasse, which is a national initiative, with features of special hygienic, soft paper, color white line holes less dust , absorbent, and water-soluble, and easy-to-use and comfortable nature, the products are sold to more than 10 provinces and cities in the region or elsewhere.
      Red River sign truncation wrinkle toilet paper has the honor to receive the Guangxi quality product prize Guangxi famous trademark guest paper industry Limited company “Red River Guangxi famous brand goods level reel toilet paper
      Headquarters Address: Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Zhang Wan Road, Dongcheng District 8
      Tel:(0769) 22611888 Fax:(0769) 22612888 Postcode:523120
      Technical support:Dongguan Network
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